4wd Action News

Livid and Night Armour Join Australian 4wd Action

Livid Lighting and Night Armour Join forces with Australian 4wd Action as Graham and Shaun take on the harshest terrain Australia has to offer!

What are you getting for your money?

We had to do it, and I think we can speak for all high quality and performance driving light manufacturers on this one. Yes, we went on eBay and purchased
OEM ODM White Label

White Label, OEM and ODM Capacity

Livid Group Global has been manufacturing high specification automotive lighting and automotive rotating equipment since 2007. Since inception...
Livid News - Unsealed Long Term Review

Unsealed 4×4 Long Term Review on the HyperDrive Mk2

Over a kilometre out of only 160 watts total? This is how you build lights! I’m not gonna lie to you, being a photojournalist with Unsealed 4X4 is a pretty...
Lightforce HTX Vs Livid HyperDrive MK2 Comparison

Lightforce DL230 HTX Vs Livid HyperDrive MK2 Comparison

It would be safe to assume we’re biased against our own product, and there is truth in that. We are very proud of what we…
Livid - TIR Optics

Optical Technology – Optic (TIR) Vs. Reflector

Solid-state lighting or LED has great potential to offer unparalleled performance if accompanied by the right lenses and reflectors...
Livid Authentic Vs Imitation

Authentic LIVID Products Vs Imitation Products

Not all products are created equal. Like most things today, there’s a massive variation between the cheaper and top tier products. Every element of the…
IP Ratings Explained

What is an IP Rating? – IP Ratings Explained

Our most common IP ratings are 68 and 69K. So for quick reference: IP68 is rated as “dust tight” and protected against complete, continuous submersion…
Livid - Lux Vs Lumens

Why Lux Is More Important – Lux Vs Lumens Explained

The American National Standard Institute international standard for measuring lumens is in an integrated sphere, in other words, the lumen output is measured at a…