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Livid is the leading manufacturer of high-performance forward projection LED lighting. We are the first ever manufacturer to utilize TIR optics, ensuring world-leading performance, every time.

2019 Catalogue

Latest 2019 Catalogue Now Available.

Checkout the latest Livid Catalogue featuring the entire 2019 range of Peak Lighting, Livid Lighting and Night Armour gear. It’s a great resource to have when you’re planning and designing your next build or upgrade.

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$645 Each

The HyperDrive Mk2 is our flagship, full-sized LED Driving Light. Best suited to those who require the very best in performance for long range light projection whilst maintain ultimate reliability and durability.

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Xplorer LED Driving Light


$445 Each

The Xplorer LED Driving Light delivers state of the art technology, superb driving dynamics in a unique, compact design. With the soul of the HyperDrive, the Xplorer sets the standard with class-leading performance and durability.

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4WD Action takes on Fraser Island...

Cyclone Oma threatened QLD’s coastline early 2019 – and Shaun Whale and Graham Cahill happened to be on Fraser Island when it was about to hit.

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Lightforce HTX vs. Livid HyperDrive Mk2

We locked the camera and went head to head with two of the most respected high output Driving Lights on offer.

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Livid HyperDrive Mk2 Vs Lightforce HTX

Meet Keith Ansford

Keith, long-haul driver from Duggan Bulk Haulage & proud owner of ‘Precious’ the Kenworth T909 tell his story.

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Livid People - Meet Keith

Unsealed 4x4 Long Term Review

Wes Whitworth, editor from Unsealed 4×4 puts the HyperDrive Mk2 through its paces. Here’s the Long Term Review after 9 months of ownership.

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Livid News - Unsealed Long Term Review

Features & Performance

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LightSync Technology
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30% More Performance
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35% Less Power Draw
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Lifetime Warranty
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Built to specification.

LightSYNC looks beyond performance statistics.

Smooth ISOlux gradients, natural color temperature, and rock-solid construction are a part of the entire Livid range. Each lamp is built with congruent optical patterns, allowing you to choose your desired lighting solution with total continuity.

The LightSYNC platform results in a totally unique driving experience. Uncompromising and never ordinary, we invite you to enjoy a dynamic experience with the road ahead, making the drive at night intuitive.

What are you getting for your money?

We had to do it, and I think we can speak for all high quality and performance driving light manufacturers on this one. Yes, we went on eBay and purchased a 23" LED light bar.. read more

OEM ODM White Label

White Label, OEM and ODM Capacity

Livid Group Global has been manufacturing high specification automotive lighting and automotive rotating equipment since 2007. Since inception... read more

Livid News - Unsealed Long Term Review

Unsealed 4×4 Long Term Review on the HyperDrive Mk2

Over a kilometre out of only 160 watts total? This is how you build lights! I’m not gonna lie to you, being a photojournalist with Unsealed 4X4 is a pretty... read more

Livid - TIR Optics

Optical Technology – Optic (TIR) Vs. Reflector

Solid-state lighting or LED has great potential to offer unparalleled performance if accompanied by the right lenses and reflectors... read more

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